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2 Word Review – Below Average


Firstly the trailer of Mohenjo daro was a big disaster and it didn’t evoke any interest at all. Still many like me would have gone for the movie, keeping the faith on Hritik and Ashutosh Gowarikar.

Lets quickly look at the poor aspects of the movie –
1. Poor special effects/ CGI/ VFX and poorer art direction – With such a magnum opus, one would expect visual treat as there was beautiful scope for showing the ancient city. But special effects and sets were very poor and seemed to be made on minuscule budget.

2. Poor script – It has the same old story and absolutely nothing new to offer. Almost unbelievable to realize that it is the same Director who gave us the flawless Lagaan and Swades.

3. Music – In spite of A R Rehman doing a good job, somehow it wasn’t good as compared to Lagaan, Swades or Jodha Akbar

Now at the good aspects of the movie –
1. Nothing as such – Hritik does a decent job and so do the other actors.
It does give a peek into the interesting civilization, which otherwise we would have never got to visualize.

All in all, in spite of all odds Mohenjo daro  keeps you somehow hooked and does not kill you. One can easily miss this attempt by Hritik and Ashutosh Gowarikar.