Movie Review – FAN

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Movie Reviews, Movies

Movie name – FAN
Release date – 16th April 2016


One Line Review – ONE TIME WATCH!

What’s good in it?
-The superstar ( ‪#‎shahrukhkhan‬ ) becomes an actor
-We actually forget that the Fan/Gaurav is actually SRK. Hez totally within the character and shows no iota of Raj/Rahul/ Hamming
-The movie keeps you engrossed and doesn’t bore at any moment

Then what’s bad?
– Actually nothing seriously bad, but second half loses the plot and audience may keep wondering what is going on!

So what’s special?
– Climax of the movie – I hope people appreciate and understand the purpose of it
– Songless movie – It takes guts to do that in Bollywood with the biggest production house and biggest superstar
– Full marks for this gutsy effort and taking up such a topic.
– The make-up artist will sweep all awards of this year

All in all, the SRK fans should like this movie. This is an unique and different SRK movie and definitely deserves an one time watch.

Deepesh Chandran


Movie Review – Airlift

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Movie Reviews, Movies

Movie name – Airlift
Release date – 22nd Jan 2016


One Line Review – Patriotic story that deserves to be known!

Based on true events, it strikes the right chord…although it is slow at few parts of the movie.

Highest praise for Akshay Kumar here. It takes guts to do such an offbeat movie and then coming up with one of the best performance of his life!
Superstars from shit movies like Prem Ratan, Happy New Year, Dhoom 3 and Dilwale should learn from him. They make one crappy movie in a year, do heavy marketing on it and fool the audience.
( This is Akshay …
He does 4 movies in a year..
And doesn’t wait for just 1 movie on Eid/Diwali/ Xmas to fool the audience …
He is the 9th earning celebrity on earth and gives variety but also quality movies like Baby, Holiday, Gabbar and Airlift…
Be like Akshay 😉

Coming back to the movie, it closely shows the struggle of our Indians faced during that crisis. We can feel in the shoes of the struggling people. The art direction is superb and authentic, truly taking us back to Gulf of 1990s.

All in all #‎Airlift‬ , the movie is slow at various places but such a different movie deserves to be lauded. Most importantly such a proud part of our history needs to be known by all.
Go for it! 🙂


Movie name – Rocky Handsome
Release date – 25th March 2016


One Line Review – Just average!

The movie has its share of action and thrill, but it doesn’t suffice. It could have been made much better.

John Abraham is good in such roles, where he has to maintain a single expression in the entire movie and not act much grin emoticon
But he has done the action sequences really well, where he learnt some new form of martial art – Aikido and Hapkido. His action moves were neat and clean and looks totally believable as an action man who can take 10 goons at a time.

An action thriller must have at least 2-3 jaw dropping action sequences, but here only the climax action sequence was brilliant. Also few scenes with its background score could have been executed better and it could have actually given goosebumps, but it missed out.
Also good to see some Marathi actors in the movie, including Director-Actor Nishikant Kamant. He was good and so also was Sharad Kelkar, along with the little girl

All in all #‎RockyHandsome‬, action movie lovers and ‘Johnny Handsome’ fans may like this movie. Others would find it just average

Movie name – Ki and Ka
Release date – 1st April 2016
Ki and Ka Hindi Movie

One Line Review– Beautiful movie with a strong ‘message’ but only for classes and not masses.

The movie is definitely slow at certain places but overall it puts across very nicely the message of how both the home maker and bread earner are equally important. The emotions of a home maker and bread earner are perfectly captured and represented here.
This movie is a MUST WATCH FOR –
1. New married working couples
2. People about to get married
3. Working women
4. Couples whose husbands don’t help their wives with simple domestic or kitchen work
This is movie is NOT FOR –
1. Salman Khan movie kinda lovers who can’t or don’t want to use their brains

Full marks to one of the most daring directors of Bollywood – Balki. His movies( Cheeni Kum and Paa) were very different and it takes guts to take a tough topic and weave it beautifully (except Shamitabh of course)

The last 10-15 minutes of the movie summarizes the movie very well and if you understand it correctly, it will make your money worth.

All in all – #‎KiAndKa‬ , recommend all couples to go for this ‘hatke’ movie but keep that little patience while watching it because of its slight slowness.

Deepesh Chandran

Dated 2015, the number of divorces in India have increased from early 2000. To cite an example, 11,667 cases of divorce were filed in Mumbai in 2014 up from 5245 cases in 2010.
More than 50% of divorce cases are young couples.
A word that even didn’t exist in our Indian dictionary is now happening with every other friend, relative or acquaintance we hear of!
(BTW this article is mainly addressed to couple settled in metros and cities and not villages)

Now lets take a very simple approach to understand this –

What are the possible reasons why Divorce has increased so much?
i) Women have become much stronger than earlier 
So is that good or bad? Of is good for the women and even society. BUT when a women gets equally educated, well earning and independent…she expects her husband to treat her with dignity…and right fully so. This is where the husband misses out.
Many times, independent wives can’t take any shit from her husband and their egos are very high, just like her male partner. These ego clashes lead to high expectations and silly fights which eventually pile on and on.

ii) Lack of trust
One has to trust each other in an marriage. It of course is subjected to infidelity from anyone, but this is under the assumption that both are clean but one doesn’t trust the other partner in many aspects

iii) Missing the simple secret of successful married life – Communication
This is where most couples go wrong! They expect that the other partner will understand WITHOUT TELLING him/her but please get this straight. It is NEVER going to happen.

iv) Wrong choice of partners
Love is blind…deaf, dumb and brainless. One falls in love with a person, but totally ignores the practical aspects of life. Even when mature people around them warn them of the practical aspects, they are too stubborn and go ahead with their stupid choice of partner.
After the marriage, they realize that they have married an idiot and get reminded of all the things that their near and dear ones had already warned of. Thus unable to sustain the pressure of their stupid life partner, they eventually file for divorce.

v) Lesser time to understand life partners in arranged marriage
Now this is an unfortunate unlike all the other reasons, where only the couple is to be blamed. I really feel bad in this case, as in arranged marriage one actually is not allowed time to know his/her potential life partner.
So after few months or years of marriage, they realize that they married a very wrong person

vi) Marrying at a young age, that too love marriage
Now this are typical cases of college/school lovers, where both of them are of the same age. Due to society pressure and other reasons, they end up marrying in their early 20’s. There is nothing wrong in marrying early, but it is just that both are immature and can’t handle things with maturity.

vii) Lesser Tolerance
This is an extension of the first point, where both husband and wife lack patience. They are incapable of thinking and acting calmly over things

viii) Misconception that ONLY LOVE is enough for getting married
Here is the biggest blunder everyone makes. Love between a boy and girl is NOT the most important thing to get married. Many young couples love each but forget to consider the other important practical parameters needed to sustain in marriage.
Then after few months or couple of years of marriage, they just can’t tolerate each other although love is still there between them

ix) Boy changed after marriage
This is most famous statement given by the wife in various divorce cases. Well…they are actually telling the truth that the boy actually changed.
Typically boy tends to take the wife for granted after marriage and doesn’t treat her the way, he did before the marriage

Reasons like infidelity, extra marital affair, partner being gay, dowry, etc aren’t covered because all these reason are because of any 3rd party or unavoidable or cheating cases. This article for those young couples where the the divorce could have been easily avoided with some sensible approach from the boy and girl.

So how to AVOID Divorce and eradicate the fear of divorce forever?
i) Just remove that option totally from your life
Just remove the word of divorce from the dictionary of your married life. Thus it will never be seen as resort even in the worst conditions.
So the couple would be forced to think of all other options of solving the issue, except divorce

ii) Act early
Don’t wait for things to pile on. Don’t wait for the time that your better half will come to you and make the first move to resolve issues.
Please act early

iii) Try various modes of communication
Very few people on earth have the ability to verbally and aesthetically communicate things. Still talking face to face remains the safest way to communicate, as chances of misinterpretation are less.
Written form of communication is also good, but chances of misunderstanding is very high

iv) Form a Habit together
This is an awesome way for bonding between 2 people. People tend to come even closer because of it.

Having said all I would strongly advocate a divorce in  case of ‘extreme magnitude’ of domestic violence, physco husband/wife, dowry, etc. But please don’t overkill/ overhype/ overestimate the term ‘extreme magnitude’. Else for e.g. just only once the husband happens to hit the wife by chance, the wife can’t treat it as ‘extreme magnitude’ of violence and file for divorce 😉

Please get back me for any doubts by commenting below.

Deepesh Chandran


Tamasha – Movie Review

Posted: November 28, 2015 in Movie Reviews

Movie name – Tamasha
Release date – 27th Nov 2015


One Line Review – Highly Dragging Movie!

The concept of the movie is good, but Imtiaz Ali tried to present it in a unique way which unfortunately happens to be very slow and drags like hell. But a set of cult audience is going to love this movie.

The movie was so slow that people in the theater were checking their whatsapp pings, checking emails, playing angry bird on their mobile during the movie wink emoticon

My heart goes out to Ranbir Kapoor. Such a powerhouse of talent, but no sense of choosing scripts frown emoticon
He chose a Rocket Singh which was a brilliant movie but sadly people didn’t accept it, but movies like Besharam, Roy and Bombay Velet were seriously crap. In fact, Roy remains the worst movie in the history of mankind.

Deepika and Ranbir look awesome and their acting is par excellence. Deepika is here to rule Bollywood.
Lot of acting detailing is given to every shot, which is the genius of Imtiaz Ali, so full marks to the acting department.

All in all, one can easily miss this movie as it is below average to not bad.
A unique attempt made by Imtiaz Ali which only classes will like and masses may not like/understand it.

The Martian – Movie Review

Posted: October 3, 2015 in Movie Reviews

Movie name – The Martian
Indian release date – 2nd October 2015

One Line ReviewSuperb! Go for it.

This movie excels in all departments – acting, special effects, pace, humor, emotions and even practicality.
The best part of the movie is that there is no unnecessary emotional scenes to bore you, which you might expect in such survivor kind of movies. Usually attempts are made win an Oscar in such movies by showing the acting prowess of the actor and thus creating some dragging and emotional scenes. Luckily this movie doesn’t overdo here

In fact, small doses of humor make the movie even better.

The triumph of human spirit is the essence of the movie and one does feel like a winner at the end.

All in all, don’t miss this one.

The Martian Launch One Sheet