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2 WORD REVIEW – Above Average

Firstly grand salute to Akshay Kumar. He is only complete actor in Bollywood who has done comedy, family, action , romantic, masala, patriotic, thriller and everything possible!
Rustom is just another feather to his versatile cap. The movie completely belongs to Akshay Kumar.

Rustom is a fast paced thriller which doesn’t allow the user to get bored. Surprisingly it has decent amount of comedy as well to lighten up the mood.
BUT there was huge scope of making the movie much better. So it is definitely not superb.

All in all, go for this movie as it is not brilliant but eventually paisa vasool.


Movie name – #‎Kabaali‬ (hindi one not tamil)

One line review – Very Boring

Me being a masala movie lover/ set max South Indian dubbed movies lover/ Rajni Fan/ Shivaji-the boss and Robot movie lover…simply got horribly bored watching the Hindi Kabaali
(Maybe tamil one with the original flavor would be better)
I almost felt cheated going with such high expectations.

The director has very immaturely directed the movie. He is the main culprit here.
– No proper flow between the scenes
– No trademark Rajni scenes which give goosebumps and whistles
– No comedy scenes which is the strength of many South Indian movies
– No exciting action sequences as well
He tried to end the movie like some cult movies end, but that was simply poor and senseless. You would be like WTF!

Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’ has some serious competition here.

The one good thing about the movie is that the plight and story of Indians in Malaysia is shown nicely

Rajnikant will surely bounce back next year with Robot-2 which is going to create history, as even great stars can make bad movies.
e.g. – SRK did Dilwale, Aamir khan did Dhoom 3 , Salman Khan ..well..never mind!

All in all, save your money and DON’T watch the Hindi Kabaali.
Maybe try going for the Tamil one to witness the fanfare of the biggest superstar of this country.


Movie name – The Jungle Book



As a movie buff and movie reviewer, I have never ever seen such amazing visuals in my life.
This movie took me to a totally different world and left me madly mesmerized. After years, I would like to a movie watch one more time!!

This movie is definitely one of the top 3 movies of 2016.
One has missed on the best things in life, they haven’t watched this movie in theater yet. The story is gripping, covers all emotions and shows the true love between ‘living beings’. The child actor playing Mowgli is A-class and has a very bright future.

BTW watch the movie in Hindi. It is actually much better.

All in all, this is one those rare movies, where the entire family can watch together..and keep watching it again and again..

Movie Review – FAN

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Movie Reviews, Movies

Movie name – FAN
Release date – 16th April 2016


One Line Review – ONE TIME WATCH!

What’s good in it?
-The superstar ( ‪#‎shahrukhkhan‬ ) becomes an actor
-We actually forget that the Fan/Gaurav is actually SRK. Hez totally within the character and shows no iota of Raj/Rahul/ Hamming
-The movie keeps you engrossed and doesn’t bore at any moment

Then what’s bad?
– Actually nothing seriously bad, but second half loses the plot and audience may keep wondering what is going on!

So what’s special?
– Climax of the movie – I hope people appreciate and understand the purpose of it
– Songless movie – It takes guts to do that in Bollywood with the biggest production house and biggest superstar
– Full marks for this gutsy effort and taking up such a topic.
– The make-up artist will sweep all awards of this year

All in all, the SRK fans should like this movie. This is an unique and different SRK movie and definitely deserves an one time watch.

Deepesh Chandran

Movie Review – Airlift

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Movie Reviews, Movies

Movie name – Airlift
Release date – 22nd Jan 2016


One Line Review – Patriotic story that deserves to be known!

Based on true events, it strikes the right chord…although it is slow at few parts of the movie.

Highest praise for Akshay Kumar here. It takes guts to do such an offbeat movie and then coming up with one of the best performance of his life!
Superstars from shit movies like Prem Ratan, Happy New Year, Dhoom 3 and Dilwale should learn from him. They make one crappy movie in a year, do heavy marketing on it and fool the audience.
( This is Akshay …
He does 4 movies in a year..
And doesn’t wait for just 1 movie on Eid/Diwali/ Xmas to fool the audience …
He is the 9th earning celebrity on earth and gives variety but also quality movies like Baby, Holiday, Gabbar and Airlift…
Be like Akshay 😉

Coming back to the movie, it closely shows the struggle of our Indians faced during that crisis. We can feel in the shoes of the struggling people. The art direction is superb and authentic, truly taking us back to Gulf of 1990s.

All in all #‎Airlift‬ , the movie is slow at various places but such a different movie deserves to be lauded. Most importantly such a proud part of our history needs to be known by all.
Go for it! 🙂


Movie name – Rocky Handsome
Release date – 25th March 2016


One Line Review – Just average!

The movie has its share of action and thrill, but it doesn’t suffice. It could have been made much better.

John Abraham is good in such roles, where he has to maintain a single expression in the entire movie and not act much grin emoticon
But he has done the action sequences really well, where he learnt some new form of martial art – Aikido and Hapkido. His action moves were neat and clean and looks totally believable as an action man who can take 10 goons at a time.

An action thriller must have at least 2-3 jaw dropping action sequences, but here only the climax action sequence was brilliant. Also few scenes with its background score could have been executed better and it could have actually given goosebumps, but it missed out.
Also good to see some Marathi actors in the movie, including Director-Actor Nishikant Kamant. He was good and so also was Sharad Kelkar, along with the little girl

All in all #‎RockyHandsome‬, action movie lovers and ‘Johnny Handsome’ fans may like this movie. Others would find it just average

Movie name – Ki and Ka
Release date – 1st April 2016
Ki and Ka Hindi Movie

One Line Review– Beautiful movie with a strong ‘message’ but only for classes and not masses.

The movie is definitely slow at certain places but overall it puts across very nicely the message of how both the home maker and bread earner are equally important. The emotions of a home maker and bread earner are perfectly captured and represented here.
This movie is a MUST WATCH FOR –
1. New married working couples
2. People about to get married
3. Working women
4. Couples whose husbands don’t help their wives with simple domestic or kitchen work
This is movie is NOT FOR –
1. Salman Khan movie kinda lovers who can’t or don’t want to use their brains

Full marks to one of the most daring directors of Bollywood – Balki. His movies( Cheeni Kum and Paa) were very different and it takes guts to take a tough topic and weave it beautifully (except Shamitabh of course)

The last 10-15 minutes of the movie summarizes the movie very well and if you understand it correctly, it will make your money worth.

All in all – #‎KiAndKa‬ , recommend all couples to go for this ‘hatke’ movie but keep that little patience while watching it because of its slight slowness.

Deepesh Chandran