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Two characters from Sholay
Character 1- “Arre bhai..yeh ‘talent’  kya hota hai?”
Character 2- “Joh Rohit Sharma ke paas hai, aur duniya ke kisi bhi cricketer ke pass nahi hai, usse ‘talent’ kehte hai”

Meanwhile, immediately after India’s last World Cup t20 match against SA in Sri Lanka,
Rohit Sharma (RS)– In our last match of t20 world cup against SA, I scored 25 runs in 27 balls.
Commentators– RS played a highly useful knock of 25 runs in 27 balls. This is an excellent T20 strike rate. What a classy  player this guys is!
Selectors– With the excellent performance of Rohit Sharma in T20 world cup, we have decided to pick him for the all the series for coming 1 year.
Kohli Why the hell do you keep taking him? He hardly scores runs. I am tired of always scoring all the runs for my team. When will Rohit Sharma start scoring runs?
Selectors– It doesn’t matter if he scores or not. He is talented. So we keep taking him

Rohit Sharma– Yaar…I have no clue why these selectors keep taking me? Even if I score 30 runs in an ODI, they claim that I am in form and take me for all the series for next 6 months.I have never scored a single century or match winning knock against big opponents like Australia, SA, or even England. All my big innings were against West indies, Zimbabwe etc
My overall career ODI batting average against aussies is 21.44, against SA is 15.00, against England is 25.00, against Srilanka is 24.31. Then why the hell am I selected again and again? I just want to earn money, show lot of attitude, act in ads etc. I get all these from IPL. Please spare me from national team.
RS fans – We love you because you are so talented.
Rohit SharmaYaar…I only want to play IPL as I earn so much money out of it. I play excellently in IPL and hardly score runs in international cricket. Why do you guys keep selecting me in the national team? I tried my level best to stay outside, but you still keep selecting me 😦

Selectors/RS fans– But you are so talented !
Rohit SharmaTalented ki **@#@%(^%$#. Mujhe aaj tak samjha nahi…yeh talent kya cheez hai?
Rahane/Tiwary/all other youngstersYaar…humko kab lenge team mein? RS is taken for all ODI matches, inspite of he never performing.
Selectors/RS fans– Shut up you all…RS is taken because he is talented. He is not supposed to score runs.

Rohit Sharma– Ok…so this is it. Till I have my idiotic fans , caption fool and senseless selectors, I am going to be in this Indian team for another 10 years. I just need to play 2-3 copy book shots and at max score 20-30 runs and these fools select me for another 10-20 matches. I have been doing this since past 5 years and will continue doing that for another 10 years”.
Rahane/Tiwary/all other youngsters– Sighhhh 😦

Deepesh Chandran


Think of any good batsmen…Tendulkar/Dravid/ Lara  flashes up

Think of any good bowler..Akram/Lee/ Warne etc  flashes up

Think of any best fielder…ONLY Jhonty Rhodes would flash up

This is what this man has done to the game! If some one fields brilliantly..people can only say he did a La Jhonty Rhodes

He has turned out to be the epitome of brilliant  fielding.

Yes…We do have brilliant fielders in this present era,but none of them is able to reach the legacy of this man. All they could,was  come near to  his heroics on the field but never match or surpass it  or match his viberance
There comes a Bradman..then comes Tendulkar to better him. There comes a Richard Hardley..then comes Murlidharan/Shane/Kumble/Akram/ to better him.
There comes a Jhonty Rhodes…then ..well…aahhh…to better him!!!??

He single handly raised the fielding standards for the entire world and proved how vitally fielding can change the game. He is Demi-God for all the cricketers, who take their filelding seriously.

The point position in the field placement, can replaced by the term Jonty position.

Our own experiences while fielding-

Being born and brought up in this cricket crazy nation, we all have played gully cricket to some sort of cricket in our life. I am taking of this generation born in the 1980’s. Remember while fielding, if we caught a good catch or dived to save a run or any good fielding effort,… people used to applaud you by saying ” Shabaash Jonty” , “Cmon Jonty” and how great you used to feel that time. Our entire generation had just and just 1 single guy for inspiration!!

When did Jonty Rhodes arrive in world cricket?

It happened in the 1992 world cup between Pakistan and SA. Inzaman ran for the run and Jhonty had the ball in his hand and few meters away from the wicket. Jhonty decided to throw nothing but his own self towards the wickets and crashed it. What people saw, was something unprecedented. They had never any cricketer fly like this and they continued to see him fly for 11 whole years to come

Next day’s newspaper flashed his pics saying…”its a bird..its a plane…No..its Jhonty Rhodes”

The fielding legend made his arrival and continued to be menace to all his batting oppenents for the next 1 whole decade


Not many know that Jonty Rhodes also has epilepsy. Irrespective of this odd, he made to such high in his life.  He has also represented his country for the national hockey team as well.

One has to give him full credit for the fitness level he possessed, compared to his time. So much leaping, throwing, diving etc and still remaining extra ordinarily  fit was highly commendable compared to 1990’s fitness standards.

(The above article is just a tribute to my favourite cricketer)


Deepesh Chandran

Coming to cricket …if you notice exact past 10 years have been the most glorious days of Indian cricket!

In 2001 Laxman-Dravid created magic in Kolkata test,

later kaif-yuvi did something imposible in natwest finals which paved the way for team India’s glory path and its first major trigger point.

Since then Team India featured in 2 world cup finals (1 Lost, 1 Won),

won 1 T20 world cup,

became no-1 in tests,

also…won a test match in every part of the world and various other unprecedented glories !!

Sachin went on to referred from best batsmen to simply “God”, Dravid went on to become a modern cricket legend, Kumble went on to be the 3rd highest wicket taker,Laxman continued with his acts of rescuing team India from imossible situations, Sehwag became the most dangerous batsmen in the world, and so on with other players too.

Ganguly taught team India how to win and created a team and Dhoni took this team to dazzling heights!

So all crickets lovers, realise how lucky you are, to be a part of this wonderful 10 years 🙂 🙂 🙂

(And to end on lighter note, since I am a team pakistan  hater and Sachin fan, a small sher for pakistan…

” SHEELA hamari JAWAAN hai

MUNNI hamari BADNAAM hai

aur jitne run humare SACHIN ne banaye utne sq.ft ka tumhara pakistan hai 🙂