Movie Review – FAN

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Movie Reviews, Movies

Movie name – FAN
Release date – 16th April 2016


One Line Review – ONE TIME WATCH!

What’s good in it?
-The superstar ( ‪#‎shahrukhkhan‬ ) becomes an actor
-We actually forget that the Fan/Gaurav is actually SRK. Hez totally within the character and shows no iota of Raj/Rahul/ Hamming
-The movie keeps you engrossed and doesn’t bore at any moment

Then what’s bad?
– Actually nothing seriously bad, but second half loses the plot and audience may keep wondering what is going on!

So what’s special?
– Climax of the movie – I hope people appreciate and understand the purpose of it
– Songless movie – It takes guts to do that in Bollywood with the biggest production house and biggest superstar
– Full marks for this gutsy effort and taking up such a topic.
– The make-up artist will sweep all awards of this year

All in all, the SRK fans should like this movie. This is an unique and different SRK movie and definitely deserves an one time watch.

Deepesh Chandran


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