Movie Review – Rocky Handsome

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Movie Reviews, Movies

Movie name – Rocky Handsome
Release date – 25th March 2016


One Line Review – Just average!

The movie has its share of action and thrill, but it doesn’t suffice. It could have been made much better.

John Abraham is good in such roles, where he has to maintain a single expression in the entire movie and not act much grin emoticon
But he has done the action sequences really well, where he learnt some new form of martial art – Aikido and Hapkido. His action moves were neat and clean and looks totally believable as an action man who can take 10 goons at a time.

An action thriller must have at least 2-3 jaw dropping action sequences, but here only the climax action sequence was brilliant. Also few scenes with its background score could have been executed better and it could have actually given goosebumps, but it missed out.
Also good to see some Marathi actors in the movie, including Director-Actor Nishikant Kamant. He was good and so also was Sharad Kelkar, along with the little girl

All in all #‎RockyHandsome‬, action movie lovers and ‘Johnny Handsome’ fans may like this movie. Others would find it just average


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