Movie Review – Airlift

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Movie Reviews, Movies

Movie name – Airlift
Release date – 22nd Jan 2016


One Line Review – Patriotic story that deserves to be known!

Based on true events, it strikes the right chord…although it is slow at few parts of the movie.

Highest praise for Akshay Kumar here. It takes guts to do such an offbeat movie and then coming up with one of the best performance of his life!
Superstars from shit movies like Prem Ratan, Happy New Year, Dhoom 3 and Dilwale should learn from him. They make one crappy movie in a year, do heavy marketing on it and fool the audience.
( This is Akshay …
He does 4 movies in a year..
And doesn’t wait for just 1 movie on Eid/Diwali/ Xmas to fool the audience …
He is the 9th earning celebrity on earth and gives variety but also quality movies like Baby, Holiday, Gabbar and Airlift…
Be like Akshay 😉

Coming back to the movie, it closely shows the struggle of our Indians faced during that crisis. We can feel in the shoes of the struggling people. The art direction is superb and authentic, truly taking us back to Gulf of 1990s.

All in all #‎Airlift‬ , the movie is slow at various places but such a different movie deserves to be lauded. Most importantly such a proud part of our history needs to be known by all.
Go for it! 🙂



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