How to win heart of the girl you love!

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Love

Yes…it is ‘THAT QUESTION’ which has haunted the  non- fairer sex hailing from Mars for ages and many still seek the answer of this internal question.

So lets dive straight into the answer and the prerequisites for it :

1. You need to actually and truly love this girl –
This won’t work if you have temporary fad or for that matter a strong crush on her. This has to be true love for her, else it might be evident in the later part of your relationship

2. Be ready to invest time, energy and patience –
This could take weeks, months and years as well. Men tend to give up easily and don’t have the guts to continue the hard work for a longer period

3. You need to be your own self –
All of your attempts will fail if you are not being your own self in your entire endeavors. If you try to act like someone whom you aren’t, then you can have undesirable results in the long run.

So now what the hell is the answer?
The answer is perseverance 🙂
No girl is going to say ‘yes’ right away, when you propose. She might shy away, get angry, might get shocked and not even talk with you, serve you tantrums, give you the gyan that ‘hum acche dost hain par uss angle se maine socha nahi‘ ‘woh sab toh theek hai par uss bare mein maine socha nahi‘, etc etc

But as I repeat that if you really love her and she has even 1% of fondness for you, then you always have a chance with your perseverance. So that is the good news and now start with getting your acts together.

How should I go ahead with my perseverance?
1. Show the love –
You won’t lose anything if you are vocal about it. As you anyways love her, tell her how much you love. Please don’t overboard and repeatedly irritate her. Keep your timings correct

2. What does a woman want? –
A woman only wants that the man loves her madly. Love her more than anybody on this earth
So please show her the same as you anyways love her madly

3. Take the Risk-
Never be afraid to take the risk and express your feelings to her. Worst case she is going to say a no. It is much better than she not knowing that you love her or rather how much you love her

4. Show the Shahrukh Khan in you –
Romance doesn’t come easily to anybody. But one has to show it. Not all can speak speak smoothly like a James Bond, but you need to try in your own style. Show the girl that reel Shahrukh Khan is only in movies, but a real life Shahrukh Khan is in front of her.

5. Try being filmy –
Every girl on earth loves it, although they might tell contrary things to you. Which girl wouldn’t like when  you attempt to write a poem for her, when you try and sing her favorite song, when you do all those stupid things done in movies!! Of course…your girl will like it. It is just that men give up  after few attempts.

  • Give the small little gifts that you can manage (Cost is never given the higher  preference, but the right choice of gift is)
  • Show the care for her in the little things in her life
  • Compliment her genuinely, whenever she looks good
  • Do things that she likes and not things that you feel and like. e..g- You might like red roses and would be gifting her the same, but she always liked white roses!

BUT having said everything, don’t forget the biggest prerequisites i.e. of not having fake love with her. If it is in the attempt to use the girl, then entire above article will become null and void for you.

So go ahead …fall in love and make her loved one also fall in love with you! For doubts and detailed answers, please comment in the below comment box 😉

Deepesh Chandran


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