Now let the girl impress you

Posted: January 3, 2015 in Beautiful Life, Love

This article is for all guys aged between 18-28. The reason being that the most guys aged 29 and above are already married.

Now the meaning of love changes as our age changes. Every time the meaning of love seems correct, depending on  your corresponding age.
Lets come to one good advice to be given to  all young turks/singleton guys/ i-wanna-have-gf wannabes.

We all have watched many Hollywood movies, where the guy tells the girl in the mushiest, heart touching dialogs like ‘Hence forth the only aim of my life would be to bring a smile on your face’ , ‘ Every day, every moment of mine belongs to you’ , ‘I would do this blah blah ,blue blue, blee blee for you’ and etc
Now ask yourselves what should be the aim of the girl here? Is her job is to only keep accepting and enjoying the happiness being bestowed by guy? Why can’t the girl’s aim be to keep you happy for every single moment for the entire life?

@single guys-  you might have spend most of your life running behind a girl, doing various things for her, in many ways being used by her and trying to impress a girl. It is really not a sensible  thing to do. The girl who is very much out of your reach, who has her qualms of her ideal partner, who will always consider you ‘just a friend’, who is always confused about her ideal guy, etc  ..just doesn’t deserve your sweet efforts.

1) Love your own space. Love your self. Improve your own self. Enjoy your space. And the best news is that there are millions of ways to do that.
2) Make yourself so good, that eventually someone will come to your life who will love and respect you for the fantastic person that you actually are. NOW LET THE GIRL IMPRESS YOU.
3) One should always like and love some girl, BUT put in your time, energy and efforts on her only if she deserves so and more importantly if she reciprocates so

Enough of Gyan and looking for a practical Plan of Action? So here is it-
1) IF You love a girl, you should definitely express your feelings to her. She would have definitely spurn your overtures (Else you wouldn’t be reading this article :P). If you really love her, be around her as friend but keep telling her that he love her. BUT  DON’T DARE go on to all stupid things to impress. She has to to like you for your true nature and not for what you are forcefully doing, only to impress her.
If the girl is really sensible, she will quietly observe you and evaluate you for a long period of time. If things have to happen, it will happen.
2) IF You like a girl, but she is a filmy girl  and dreamy Walt Disney story believer  and has huge pile of expectations…then then then….RUN AWAY
3) IF You like a girl who is just 22 years and you are 29 years..then then then…RUN AWAY.
4) IF You like a girl,with whom you are most comfortable,who is genuinely impressed with your original traits & nature, with whom silence is comfortable …then then then …MARRY HER
5) IF you like a girl, is from higher class of society than you, much more good looking than you are, is like totally hi-fi  …then then then…no need to run away,but you shouldn’t ideally marry her. The reason being that she happens to a high maintenance girl. Can she live in the current society where you are staying? Can she adjust from her high standards to your middle class standards? Can you even live up to her high expectations? Most often the answer would be a NO.
You would be under tremendous pressure for your entire life in only matching up to her expectations and standards. In short, you would be in a forced mode to always impress her.

Need testimonials as to what happens when you invest time on improving yourself and not unnecessarily  waste your time on impressing girls?
Ask all the 28 year plus men whom you know or their friends, who were royally rejected by many girls in their younger days. But they worked hard in life, got great jobs and are now financially and mentally stable. Now they have even more beautiful and sensible wives than the girls who rejected them earlier.

So stop to impress the girl – improve yourself- where eventually someone impresses you 🙂

Deepesh Chandran


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