Fun is not equal to BOOZE

Posted: September 14, 2013 in Beautiful Life

Most of our friends drink and some drink really hard. Any non-drinker is often asked this golden question “How do you enjoy in life, if you don’t drink?”. Alcohol drinkers feel that the only ultimate fun element on earth is Booze!

This article is NOT about explaining the ill effects of hard drinks on your health. For that you have the stupid  ads, nagging girlfriends, boring parents, irritating well-wishers, non-knowledgeable doctors to bore you on it. This article is to all alcoholics  who drink really hard, to prove WHAT A BIG LOSER YOU ARE!


Technically booze titillates those neurons which make you feel happy, tension free and devoid of all pressures…for few hours. In addition to increasing the GABA and decreasing the glutamate in the brain, alcohol increases the amount of the chemical dopamine in the brain’s reward center, which creates the feeling of pleasure that occurs when someone takes a drink.  So what are reasons that people all actually drink?
1) It makes you feel really good.
2) It makes you drop all social inhibitions i.e. you are suddenly a fun person after drinking
3) You suddenly feel the drive to hit the dance floor, when you are in a disc
4) It relieves you of all office pressures, family issues, personal problems
5) and so on…

Having understood what booze does to you, I have biggest questions to all hard drinkers – WHY ON EARTH DO YOU REQUIRE A EXTERNAL HELP OF BOOZE….TO REMOVE THE SHY SIDE OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM?
Why can’t you feel good about life, without drinking?
Why can’t why you drop your social inhibitions, without drinking?
Why can’t you handle other pressures by yourself, without drinking?

So can you finally admit that you are a coward who needs harmful product named alcohol to make you brave!
You are suffering from low self esteem that you need alcohol to temporarily regulate your mood. That too, you need this  many a times.

Why can’t you be high on LIFE?
Life definitely gives you its bunch of setbacks, pressures, traumas, tensions…but it also gives you option to ‘choose‘!
Choose to either crib over your problems and temporarily forget by drinking OR accept this problem,overcome/by-pass it and eventually be happy with other good things in life
Choose to either be an introvert, never improve and temporarily get help from drinking OR work at it to become an extrovert, through facilitated workshops or self help sessions

Now lets decipher my favorite statement- Booze would be equal to fun BUT fun is not equal to booze-
Our dear alcoholic friends meet up at some friends place, hit a bar,catch up at some party …and drink drink & drink and eventually claim they had the best fun time of their life. They sadly just have ONE single option to have fun. What losers!!

So what are the other options to have fun?
1) Positive attitude– This is the biggest pre-requisite to have fun. Until you see the brighter side of everything, you can never be happy or have fun
2) Develop a passion/hobby– This could be a sport, music , movies, anything into art/creative, etc . This will give you the kick which you get from booze. Mind well, its kick is much more satisfying than booze. (e.g. Dance lovers will accept Prabhudeva’s dialog where he says ‘When the dope of dance is there in your life, then you don’t need any other dope’)
dance is fun
3) Find individual high points– Few help themselves with shopping when they are upset. It suddenly makes you feel very good. Some seek solace in good food. Some even get high after sleeping well. So dig out your own high points.
food makes me happy
4) Make someone happy– It could be doing some social work, helping your friends, lending a helping hand to your family members for any work
social service
5) Move out– Hang out with friends, go out on trips/picnics/ long drives, hit some gaming zone
6) Be with loved ones- Hang out with best buddies, be with your GF/wife, spend time with family

Thus all alcohol addicts must understand that if you really want, alcohol can really substituted with various things in life. Many of your loved ones would like you to do that. Thanks for reaching this far with the article

Deepesh Chandran


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