Rare sensible movie from SALMAN KHAN…missed out

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Movies

Firstly I am not a big fan of Salman Khan and madly loved just 1 movie of his i.e. Andaz Apna Apna. As funny as movie, is funny the fact  that the movie was a big flop at the theaters!
Then I somehow happened to like his another movie ‘London Dreamz‘ , which again was a super flop. But there are many things, I simply loved about this movie. It is a beautiful movie which deals with a very common emotion- jealousy

london-dreams-posterThe tag line/ punch line of the movie was ‘When your dreams come true….BUT for your best friend‘. In real life,you might try to feel happy for your best friend,if this same thing happens to you. But you just can’t escape the volcano of jealousy that would erupt within you.

Imagine in your real life when your best friend gets the promotions in the job that you deserved, the same best friend gets all the career opportunities that you always  deserved you get, and most importantly he gets to marry the girl whom you always loved!!!  Really tough to handle..isn’t it? This is the actual story of London Dreamz.

Ajay Devgun plays hard working singer trying to make it big in England, forming a music band. He gets his childhood friend, Salman Khan from a little village to London to sing as side-singer in his band. Due to an unfortunate incident, Ajay is unable to sing in a concert and Salman is asked to fill in for him. Then suddenly Salman becomes a big star and gets all the fame that Ajay deserved. To add to it, Asin, whom Ajay secretly loved, also goes away with Salman.
Suddenly Salman is living the life, which Ajay always dreamt of. What follows next is what jealousy can make a man do and how even good man can turn bad, due to jealousy .

1) Music and Lyrics
The music score and lyrics by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Prasoon Joshi is one of their top 3 work ever!!! Amazingly music and lyrics went totally unnoticed. I would request all to listen to Khwaab, Khanabadosh, Barson followed by others.

The lyrics of the song Khwaab –

‘jo tujhe jagaaye, nindein teri udaaye khwaab hai sachcha wahi
nindon mein jo aaye jise to bhul jaaye khawab woh sachcha nahi
khwaab ko raag de, nind ko aag de o o o
angaaron ko jagaaye, koyalo sa jo gaaye, khwaab hai sachcha wohi
leharein jo uthaaye -2 paaniyo ko hilaaye, khwaab hai sachcha wohi’

It says…’true dream is which keeps you awake and not the one which you forget in your sleep. One that gives tune to your dream and gives fire to your sleep, One that   keeps the flame burning and sings as beautiful as a Koyal..is a true dream. One that moves the waters and gives rise to tides…is a true dream’

Similarly all the songs of this movie has super beautiful lyrics!!

Do yourself a favour by listening to all its beautiful songs and even wonderful lyrics.

2) Ajay Devgun acting
One can really see the pain in his eyes, when his dreams come… not for him…but for his best friend.

3) Strong theme of the movie
Every person on earth can derive analogy of the story of the movie to his/her real life. Maybe many of us would have reacted the same way that Ajay Devgun reacts in the movie. Also in the end, Ajay understands his mistakes and does redemption for his bad deeds.

4) Treatment of the movie
The movie is definitely slow at many places, but it is treated quite well. The screenplay and direction are main culprits for making it a flop movie.

1.Ajay and Salman were outrageously over-aged for the roles!!! This movie would have surely done if it had Imran-Ranbir as the lead actors. The movie was a flop even before it released. I still remembering me and my friend making fun of the posters of the movie, where Salman and Ajay posed as rockstars.
I so much made fun of the movie, even without watching it (Like everybody of you). Its only when I watched it along with its music, I realized how good it was.

2. One funny option would be that I somehow feel that Salman Khan fans are just brainless..maybe. The movie was maybe just too intelligent for them to understand. They can only understand the action movies of his. Also the music didn’t have any item song or dhinchak song in it. Very rarely did Salman Khan do a sensible movie and his fans totally betrayed him 😛

So what we learn from this  movie?
You can never fight against destiny. You can feel jealous, which is very human and very normal. If that other person deserves good in his life, he will definitely receive it. You need always try hard in your life and just accept the destiny that God had decided for you. But you must never miss out on hard work. It is because you will never feel bad in future even if you fail, as you always know that you had given your best.

Deepesh Chandran


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