How I saw year 2012

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Beautiful Life

= Salman Khan shows that only nonsense movies can cross Rs.100-200 crore mark and there is no place left for sensible cinema  in this world
= Luckily good movies like Barfi, Kahaani, English Vinglish, GOW etc  get commercial success, and prove that sensible movie audience are still alive in this country
= Himesh Reshmiya kills India with his irritating song ‘Chalao na nano se baan re’. I believe some drub was infused in that song! Any person who would unfortunately hear that song in the morning, this song would get stuck  in his head for the entire day 😦 Needless to say…he would end up having a horrible day
= An Akshay Kumar seem to be released every month. Most of them were hopeless, but we excuse his nonsense movies…. for giving us a fantastic movie like OMG- Oh My God
= RoShit Sharma continues with his extra-ordinary bad form, fails continuously in ODI’s, …..and instead BCCI make Sachin Tendulkar retire from ODI’s 😛
= 3 cricket legends retire – ‘Sankat Mochan Laxman’ , ‘Great Wall of India’ and “God’ 😦
= London Olympics rocked! Sushil Kumar turns into legend of sorts by winning two back to back Olympic medals. He still remains the most underrated sportsperson in Indian. Women in India find two role models in Siana Nehwal and Mary Kom
= Arvind Kejriwal did the best thing on earth by entering politics. Also Modi creates history and is now the prime runner for PM candidate for BJP. With both these factors, I saw see this rare glimpse of hope of better India in future.
= Mobile app- Watsup was definitely the buzz word of 2012
= Every second friend on my FB had his profile pic of 1) he/she getting married 2) he/she with a new born baby in hand . Nice to see lot of good news 🙂
= DigVijay Singh was biggest entertainer of the year. I madly laughed on each of his comments. Hoping for more , from this stand up comedian
= Really good to see women protesting strongly against the Govt. for a social cause and their own protection. Hope more and more people realize the need to uproot the current Govt. by getting politically educated and voting


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