Rape outrage- the real,practical and feasible solution

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Beautiful Life

Thanks to the media mileage and protesters,  there has been huge outrage for the rapists of the delhi girl. I see all people, specially women asking for the death for the 4 rapist,others asking for even torturous death, few asking for castration etc. People on facebook are changing their profile pic to a black dot, few sending some online signing petition, few updating some really angry/abusive facebook update etc etc.(BTW take it from me that death penalty will be never given to a person who commits a rape in India). I will later mention in this article, why it will never happen in India) But somehow all are missing the point and their emotions are totally misfiring. People, specially ladies are just venting their anger, but missing out from the main point.


In Delhi, daily 2 girls get raped. Thus with that calculation, in the past 4  days when we all were protesting, 8 girls from Delhi have already been raped!! In India, a girl gets raped every 23 minutes. Thus by the time, you might have read this blog article, a girl was already raped within that time!!

The biggest contributor to rapes in India is our weak Indian Laws and system-
Our current system is too weak and it hardly does anything to protect any woman. Even more pathetic are the laws.
HINDRANCE IN CURRENT LAWS-  1) If the character of the rape victim is proved bad, then the rape accused can get away with the rape charge!! Now how easy is it, to prove the bad character of a girl. Get few fake guys to say that girl slept with them earlier, fake remarks, fake proofs etc…and the character of that girl is proven dirty!
2) 81% of the rape accused in India get away with the charges because of many such loop holes in our laws
3) Rape sentence varies from 7 years to life imprisonment. Here again the rape accused lives in jail with our own money i.e. tax payers money
4) Mental rape with police- When a rape victim approaches the police after she is raped, she is grilled with highly insulting questions. Little do people know that by law the police has to compulsorily provide a lawyer to a rape victim, when she gives her statement to police.

The other biggest contributor to rapes in India are the ‘Human Rights Commission’-
It is because of this idiots, death penalty to a rape accused will never happen. They will oppose saying that taking the life of a person is not ethical! They will never ever approve those torturous death, castration etc which almost all are demanding. So all my friends asking for the same, please wake up. Your demands will never be fulfilled .I wonder if someone rapes the daughters of these human right commission members, then  will they not demand death penalty to the rapists!
When a girl is raped, she is killed 1000 times. By giving rape accused death penalty, we are still killing him just once.

Thus regarding ways to stop a rape, there are few macro level solutions and micro level solutions.
So lets look at the macro level-
I) The best way is to build a strong law. There needs a radical change in the law and fast track courts for rape cases.

II) Morally Educating the men.
Now even an uneducated fruit vendor also rapes and even highly qualified elite class guy also rapes. Thus it has nothing to do with rich/poor. As a guy, I tell you that a lot depends on the type of people , a guy dwells with. Secondly he is never given moral education by his family that respecting a woman is his  highest duty.

So  now lets look at some micro level solutions
I) Self defense for girls
Get yourself really strong with any martial arts/ self defense techniques. Let that bas**** even touch you, and you kick his a** so badly,then he never gets up again. This of course is little too much for a girl to do. But that’s one strong option. The Government or police won’t protect you, so you better do it yourself.
II) Using of onion spray/ tooths etc
If no karate, then an eye spray or wearing those tooths are easier ways to protect oneself.

The best way is to have the right laws and system. BUT BUT BUT…that will never happen in India. We will never have the strict rape punishment as in Arab countries.
So what do I do, to get those rights laws and system?
1) Madly go out and protest in huge crowds in front of your  corporator, MLA, MP house and demand him to go this upper boss and fulfill your demand. You got to do the same thing, that people are protesting in Delhi. OHHHHH….but then I release …we all are too busy with work and who has time to do all this time pass!!! We better sit idle at home and crib about the Govt . So this option is out of question.
2)Please vote for the right corporator, MLA …who would actually listen to you. Get the right party into the Goverment, who would actually do things for you. The current Government cares a damn about you. Hence I would request all the women to please vote. I have hardly seen any young ladies coming to vote. Few of own female friends felt that it was ‘low society’ to stand in that row among ‘low society’ people in a sidey voting room. Thus they didn’t vote. So @females…. please please please VOTE!!

So let me summarize my entire article. Death penalty to all rapists will never happen in India. To do that, the Government must change, as current Government is least bothered about you. So you better start protecting yourself or change the Government by voting them out.

  1. Yogini Vishwamitra says:

    Gr8 wrk Deepesh…. proud to be a part of your blog!

    But I guess even u think dat this blog is not about what research u or others hv done but to make ppl aware abt the gravity of the situation that currently India is facing!
    Just posting on Facebook or blogging or tweeting won’t help….It’s time for us and of course more importantly the Government/ Law to act… n act in a reasonably justified way.

    Guys moving out there freely …with Lust on their minds due to which they not only ruin a girl’s life but also the lives associated with her are affected… they should be punished…And people supporting them be it males or females should be penalized too!

    For every ticking minute there is a man crossing his limits n making an incurable wound on a girl’s soul!

    Safety of the girls should not be the responsibility only of her respective Father, Brothers, Boyfriend or Husband… but all the Men in the society should be responsible for the safety n security of women around them wherever they go!

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