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Posted: November 8, 2012 in Movies
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Movie Director can completely make or break a movie with his skills or the lack of it.He has screenplay with him, superstar actors, music directors and the entire ship under his captain-ship  Many Bollywood directors consciously or sub consciously use the same pattern in most of their movies..and yet make it look all very different in their movies. Mind you…they  are quite are successful in it.

A) Rakesh Roshan

He has made almost all his movies with this same plot. Lets name it “make over of the protagonist“In all his movies, pre interval the hero has a certain character and post interval the hero revives his character.Need a clue? lets check his movies

1)Khoon Bhari Maang: Rekha plays this timid, hapless , scarface woman…THEN…”make over of the protagonist” ,then Rekha plays this confident, good looking woman…seeking revenge

2)Kishan Kanahaya: Here “make over of the protagonist” happens in the form of identical twins played by Anil Kapoor. One being a timid one and other a flamboyant one..who seeks revenge

3)Karan Arjun: Salman and SRK play a weak, hapless villagers and THEN “make over of the protagonist“. They are these city breed, macho men..and guess what…seek revenge

4)Koyla: SRK plays a  dumb guy and post interval ..”make over of the protagonist”  again. He starts to speak and guess what..again seeks revenge

5)Kaho na pyar hai: Here “make over of the protagonist” happens in the form of identical looking people. Post interval Cool dude New Zealand born Hritik happens to come to India and even he seeks revenge for Amisha, of the killers of her former lover

6)Koi Mil Gaya: Here “make over of the protagonist” happens when a mentally challenged kid turns super strong and smart guy.

7)Krissh: Pre interval, our Hero is just Krishna and post interval he is a masked super hero Krishhh. Thus “make over of the protagonist” happens. Mind you, our hero again seeks revenge

8)Krissh sequel: This movie would release in 2013, but expect the same “make over of the protagonist” again.

Yet all the movies seem so different. It is only because he is a brilliant architect. This is what makes him a excellent director

B) Aziz Mriza

In all his movies, the protagonist has to choose between his career and his personal emotions mainly love/ethics/morals. The profession is usually the background of his movies.Need a clue? lets check his movies

1) Raju ban gaya gentleman : SRK gets carried away with his successful career and finally chooses ethics and love over profession

2) Yes Boss : Again SRK has to choose between Juhi Chawla and his dream job

3) Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani : This movie dealt with  exploitation by media over a matter. SRK again fights and chooses for ethics over the professional malpractices

4) Kismat Konnection : Aziz Mirza would have chosen SRK again for this movie, but somehow he was too old for this character. Here young Shahid has to again choose between his lady luck i.e. Vidhya Balan and his profession. BTW I liked this movie, but this movie flopped mainly because of wrong casting. Vidhya Balan looked like an Amma of the baby-faced Shahid.

Yet we love such movies, because working class like us, can identify with such movies. We are daily dealing with this same catch 22 situation. I have personally like such Aziz Mirza movies

C) Farhan Akhtar

In few of his movies, which he produced or directed, all have this uber kool feel to it with male bonding as the main theme. This guy happens to my second fav , in this entire list of directors. Only he can make something like this in the entire industry.Need a clue? lets check his few movies

1)DCH3 friends…living in city..most of them rich…sometimes fight in middle of movie..all have their individual love story…Uber cool feel to movie…HAPPY ENDING

2)Rock On 4 friends…living in city..some of them rich…sometimes fight in middle of movie..all have their individual love story….Uber cool feel to movie..HAPPY ENDING

3)ZNMD – 3 friends…living in city..all of them rich…sometimes fight in middle of movie..all have their individual love story…Uber cool feel to movie…HAPPY ENDING

I madly loved all above 3 movies, as I could so much relate to them.

D) Ashutosh Gowarikar

He is obsessed with history. Fictional/Semi fictional/true story…but history has to be the background.
Need a clue? lets check his movies

1)LagaanFicitional historic story based in 1800’s 

2)Jodha AkbarAgain historic love story of King Akbar

3)Khele hum jee jaan seAgain based on historic true events of Chittagong 

4)Heard that he is making another movie on Mohinjadaro Harappa

I am not a big admirer of the above mentioned movies, but I owe   Ashutosh Gowarikar because he gave me my favorite movie ‘Swades‘. I wished he leaves aside these history lessons and gives another cult movie like Swades

E)Sanjay Leela Bansali

He has a soft corner for disabled people. He earns my respect in a big way for making something like ‘Black’. A movie can’t get better than this. This should be critically the most acclaimed Bollywood movie.BUT hate him equally for making a $$#%$ movie like Guzarish!!
BTW for heaven’s sake ..someone please tell him to shoot his movies in broad daylight. Why do all his movies seem like lavish opera stage show with black and blue colors?
Anyways regarding disabled people movies, Need a clue? let’s check his movies

1)KhamoshiManisha Koirala’s parents played dumb and deaf characters

2)BlackRani played a dumb, deaf and blind character

3)GuzaarishHritik played a paralyzed character 

F)Anurag Kashyap

His movies have not have commercial success, but they are always critically acclaimed. He has created his own school of film making, which is a very rare feat. Most of his movies are dark movies, sometimes abusive language being used in it, never have such ‘feel good factor’ associated with, targeting a niche audience, very different screenplay and treatment.

1)DevDDark, brave attempt, critically acclaimed, 

2)Gulaal – Dark, brave attempt, critically acclaimed, 

3)ShaitaanDark , brave attempt, critically acclaimed, 

4)No Smoking – Dark, brave attempt, critically acclaimed, 

G)Madhur Bhandarkar

Now this one director, whom I don’t admire at all. Herione seemed a sequel of Fashion, which seemed sequel to Page 3 and some again looked distant sequel to Chandni Bar. Jail and Traffic were equally pathetic.
He takes a social topic, makes a movie on it, shows all the bad hidden truth in that particular social life/profession!! Same boring formula again and again and again….!! What perplexes me is that people talk great about his movies and keep giving him national awards too. Sigh 😦 .

1)Chandni Bar


3)Page 3

4)Traffic Signal



H)Rajkumar Hirani

Easily my favorite in this entire lot. All his movie have these basic characteristics –
Feel good factor,strong dose of comedy, lot of moments of happy tears, strong social message, complete family entertainer, one healthy trick to tackle daily problems- jaadu ki jhaapi, Gandhigiri, All izz well. All these 3 tricks really work wonder in real life. Check his  movies and you will realise that they all the same characteristics, that I mentioned

1)Munnabhai MBBS

2)Munnabhai lage raho

3)3 Idiots

I believe his next movie “PeeKay” stars Aamir and Anushka. I hope he creates another classic with these same beautiful characteristics

BTW he is the only Director in the history of entire Bollywood , to make a hat-trick of blockbusters-  all of them being completely clean, all of them being family movies, all them having strong message, all of them being highly critically acclaimed!! Its almost impossible to get all these credits in a movie, but this guy did it thrice!!


There is nothing wrong in repeating the same formula/pattern as far as the movie is good and the public is enjoying the movie. Most of the above directors mentioned above did it successfully. But then there were Madhur Bhandkars who made a complete fool of the public.
I would have liked to add directors like Rohit Shetty,Abbas-Mustan etc in the above list of successful directors, but then this list would have been too long!!


Deepesh Chandran

  1. Yogini Vishwamitra says:

    Gr8 Research Deepesh…Kudos to this one….
    One more to add from my side…
    RGV….. 🙂
    He has typically done 2 types of films … the Underworld stories and the Ghost stories…

    Underworld ones have the typical atmosphere of Mumbai…the typical “Apun tupun language”
    Cigarettes, Drinks, Guns, Bars, Girls, Chawl, Actors with trimmed beard n moustache, Worn-out jeans, half tucked and knotted shirts… n one typical backgrnd music 🙂
    Movies of this sort – Satya, Company, D, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj

    Ghost stories have ..
    Best in class House where a family arrives to stay…. the main lady or child has hallucinations of the haunted things….. haunted toys, A doctor to call in…but also a Tantrik for Exorcism… the ghost is always a Lady …. Ghost has to be in white or black outfit… with a lot of “White-Tone” Powder on face… 😀
    n then a happy ending wen the bhoot goes off …. but still we witness its presence on the last titles again 😛
    to name a few – Raat, Bhoot, Vaastushastra, Phoonk, Bhoot Returns, (Raat being my favorite one -it was real scary man!!! )

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