Avoid the ‘Rotulus’ in your life

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Beautiful Life

Rotulus are those permanent cry-babies, who continuously crib and cry about everything in life..and that too 24×7.

I)Firstly recollect how many of you have “Rotulu” friends? Try and recollect the “Cry babies” in your entire list of friends or alliances.
Now recollect the various events/outings/movies/attended marriages/parties/conversations etc etc you spend with these rotulus?

You might find a similar pattern with them in all these events, where they were there with you. They crib about everything and spoil the mood of the entire event. They seem unhappy/upset/mood-off with anything that would happen in the course of that event. They will always-always-always see the dark side of life…in short these rotlus are perennial and  life-long rotlus, whom even God can’t change.

Let me explain with an example –
1.Even if you go for an average movie, they will keep complaining continuously during the entire 2/2.30 hours of movie that…”kya bore movie hai?”, “I simply paid unnecessarily for this movie” , “Instead of this movie, I would have slept for 3 hours at home” etc etc. Its because of them, even average movie seems hopeless, deep intelligent movie seems bullshit, mind blowing good movie seems average!!!
2. If you for an outing with friends in a car/bus/train/bike. They will always complain about the dust around, too much sunshine and heat, boring journey etc. Worst part is that they keep doing it repeatedly.Thus average journey seems life threatening to you.
3.Now here comes the most dangerous situation. This is when you have a Rotulu in your office itself. Every single day said he will crib about how sad his life is, how less the organization paying you and him, bad things in your organization etc etc. Ohhhh God!!!

Life is too short and too competitive. We have to be content with what we have and find happiness with small things in life. One has to be very positive in life and fighter in life. A perennial Rotulu in your life takes this all away from you.
With him around , you will never realize happiness in small things in life. You will tend to be negative in life, as his cribbing and negative words subconsciously make you a negative person with negative thoughts.

II)Now on the other hand, lets recollect the positive guys in life and recollect all the events you spend with this positive guy

Let me explain with an example-
1. If you go for an average movie with this positive guy, he will make fun of the movie or keep passing comments amongst yourselves (not shout in the theater) that cheer up the entire mood. Thus even a bad movie, doesn’t seem that bad to you, because you actually enjoyed the company in those 2.30 hours
2. If you go for an outing with friends in a car/bus/train/bike. This guy will try and take pics of the places and state that he saw something new. He will never repeatedly keep saying how hopeless the entire journey is. He will strike some interesting conversation with you and somehow you actually end spending some amount of quality time. He will make you hear some new song from his i-pod and sometimes you start liking that song too.
3.If this guy is in your office- This guy will always motivate you in your office. Alright your organization isn’t treating you well, but he will always make you positive and suggest the right steps to do.

A positive friend will make realize that life isn’t that bad/tough as you imagine you to be.He will always make you realize the brighter side of life and give you the right advice you. Here is the biggest catch…YOU NEED TO BE REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH POSITIVE FRIEND IN YOUR LIFE.
Now you have understood the difference between a positive friend and a rotlu friend. Yes..I agree that each friend is important in your life-be it the positive one or perennial rotulu one. But these permanent rotulus will never change in their life, even if you try to change and help them. You will end up being negative, if you spend more time with them.

Thus, understand the perils of having such cry-babies in your life and keep them at bay.

As the title goes…Avoid the ‘Rotulus‘ in your life

(I would like to end with my personal anecdote. In the mid of 2012, I had been to an AR Rehman concert in Mumbai. I was with a bunch of highly energetic and positive friends. I have been to umpteen musical concerts in my life earlier, this show was simply the best of all. With due credit to Rehman, the reason why I even more loved and enjoyed this concert , was because of the ‘non-rotulu‘ company I had with me. Had I been with a bunch of rotulus , then I wouldn’t have enjoyed it this much)

Deepesh Chandran

  1. prit0783 says:

    Good One .. Cheers for life … 🙂

  2. nkartik says:

    i know who u r pointing to..hahaa

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