Humble Disclaimer– Request you to not take this article personally. This is subjective thought. I am strong believer of God myself.No offense to anyone , intended here

To start things off,let me tell you that there is just 1 God in this world and we just call him by different names. As simple as that.

Please believe in God, believe in his power, trust in the prayers that you offer him,be sincere with your efforts and believe that he will only give the best to you.
Now if you feel that God is not good, and you don’t trust him..then at least seek the blessing of the people, to whom you trust i.e. mainly your parents. Treat them as God and continue to take their blessing.
Now for any reason, you are unable to do that as well….then at least believe in your own self. You need to trust yourself and back yourself in everything that you do.

What does Bible, Bhagwad Geeta or Khuraan teach us?
Well….they all eventually teach the same thing. This eventually tell us to be good humans, do good deeds, be positive and keep your deeds clean.

Let me try to answer few FAQ’s which i always had!
1) Would God be happy, when I fast for him?
Honestly, I really don’t understand the logic behind it. How would God be happy, if you stay hungry? Wouldn’t he be more happy when instead of fasting, you would offer food to some poor or food-deprived people!!!
I understand that your fast will only bear fruit, when you do it with full shraddha . I know of this guy who fasts quite often for God, but then he manipulates/cheats a lot in his work and personal  life. How would God be pleased with such a guy?

2)Would God be happy, when I visit temple daily?
YES…of course.
NO….if you daily visit temple, but hardly follow his preaching. Sadly, majority of the people who visit the temples, fall under this category. 

3)Would God be angry, when I don’t visit the temple?
NO…he will not be angry.
This is if and only if …you strongly follow his preaching, continue with your good deeds and believe his existence . God is already within each one of us. If you love and respect all beings around you, then you are respecting God himself. Thus you need not visit the temple  to connect with God as such. You can connect with him any place and any time.

4)I am such a good human being, then why does God trouble me so much?
Here we have to define ‘good human being’ and ‘trouble’ here! What all have you actually done that you are a ‘good human being’ and what on earth do you mean that God is ‘troubling’ you.
You take any trivial issue and say that your life is very sad. Something bad happens in your life, then you feel that you are living the dreaded life on his earth. Ohh please watch  some episodes on Aamir’s ‘ Satyamaye Jayete’ or google or find videos of the pathetic life that 60% poor Indians are living.
If you look at your own life from 3rd person’s perspective, you are living a much better life.
OK..some bad things might have happened to your life, but this what God has destined for you. What good or bad things, you have in your life, is rightly being weighed by God and given to you 🙂 So trust him for all the bad things that are happening in your life.

5)Should I pray to God?
Of course..YES
Praying instills the feeling of belief. The belief is that there is someone to take care of us and if I am sincere with my efforts, then someone will always protect and help of me.

6)How come people who are atheist , still so successful in their life, without the help of God?
God is eventually belief. Recollect the 3rd sentence, I had mentioned in the start of this article. An atheist would be successful in his life, only if he strongly believes in himself and backs himself with his good deeds.
I am sure God would be happy with you, even if you are an atheist……provided only if you keep your deeds clean and  be a good human being.

Deepesh Chandran

  1. Anirudh says:

    hi deepesh,
    i just want to say kudos to you…

  2. Reshma says:

    Very nice post !!! I completely believe in what you have just stated here..!

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