Beautiful message from an otherwise super flop movie

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Beautiful Life, Movies

Its funny how a dumm movie explains us the most beautiful aspect of love. I didn’t love this movie as such, but neither didn’t hate it as almost everyone did. This is about a super flop movie “Jaaneman” starring Preity, Salman and Akshay. BTW had this movie released on the Eid of 2012, it would have been the biggest blockbuster ,considering the good form of Salman and Akshay 😛
Anyways let me explain its story in few sentences. Salman and Preity loved each other and even married each other. Due to some misunderstanding, they both split. Akshay was always the secret lover of Preity. Later Salman decides to help Akshay, to make Preity fall in love with Akshay.
Now Salman tells him various tricks, how to woo and impress her. He would tell him , what to speak, how to speak and everything. He made Akshay just like Salman himself . And guess what, Preity eventually falls in love with Akshay, after he behaves like Salman.

In the climax of the movie, Akshay rightly  explains Preity that she had never fallen in love with him…because she had again fallen in love with Salman!! It is because he did everything, told everything, behaved everything, dressed everything…how Salman had told him. All these traits were of Salman himself.

So what is after the exact message, after understanding the story of this flop movie?
If someone loves you, she/he must love you for what you actually are. If you impersonate someone else, and the girl loves that…but then mind it, as that is biggest blunder you would be doing. You can’t impersonate for your entire life. At one point, your own self ..your own style ..your own character would be out to her. Then she would get disinterested in you, will find you boring and eventually not even love you. It is because she always loved the person, whom you impersonated.

Akshay impersonated Salman,and Preity fell in love with Akshay. This was totally wrong. Then in the end, rightfully things have a happy ending.

Any more allied ‘Gyan‘?
YES. for e.g. You might be a boring idiot, who is non-adventurous, doesn’t party , doesn’t crack much jokes. For the girl , you should do anything what  makes her happy. You can go on adventure trip with her, dance with her in the disc..and all these activities which make her happy. But if she has to love you, then she has to mandatory love this actual boring idiot!

So go ahead….fall in love!! But please be your own self 🙂

Deepesh Chandran


  1. Reshma says:

    Oh.. I remembered one quote …here it goes
    ” I have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try & impress anyone.
    If they like me the way I am, good, & if they don’t, its their loss.”

  2. Reshma says:

    Only you can pick up a good message from a flop movie !! 😛

  3. Swapnil Kamthe says:

    What a pick deeps.. Nice food for thought…
    But about movie..I liked it, basically I enjoyed all those faltu jokes ..mainly theirs past life story..while akshay was in that hippie avatar…. Songs were also quite good.

    Just need One more addition to your blog categories.. 🙂 “Love Guru” 🙂

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