5 year old Tintu explains the weird machine in his house

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Humour

My name is Tintu. I am a boy. I am 5 years old.

There is a weird machine in my house, to which my family members talk  but it never replies. I couldn’t understand its name correctly. But it was written on the machine ” W-e-i-g-h-i-n-g …….M-a-c-h-i-n-e”

My Mom stands on it and always screams. I always thought it was very painful standing on that machine, so I never stood on it.

My Dad stood on it and I heard him say “$^@!*#*()&*(^”. I never understood what the poor machine  did, that he said such things to it.

My 19 year old cousin Jhumki didi stood on it and started to blame God after that. She always said “Cmon God….this is not fair”

21 year Dabbo bhaiya spoke to it the most. He first says” Cmon  baby … show it to me..yeah man” . After he stood on it, he raises his hands high in the air and says “That’s it boy…that’s it”. Then he flexes his muscles, looks in the mirror and then leaves

One day with great courage , even stood on it. I was really afraid that it might be very painful but nothing happened. Instead there just a number on it. The number was 15. Now what was wrong with the number 15 , that my family members behaved so wildly?

I asked my best friend Shaunak about number 15, and what is so special with 15? He told that the roll number of  Shivani Raina is 15. That is only thing he knows about 15. When I asked my bench partner Renuka about 15, she said that she saw on TV yesterday an Ad saying “15 days for ‘Kya SuperKool Hai Hum’ to release”.  Then I asked Rishabh, as Shaunak told me that Rishabh is the most intelligent boy because he is the tallest boy in the class. Rishabh told 15 means 15th August which is Independence Day. I didn’t understand  what that day meant. Thus with all my resources what I couldn’t find what was the significance of 15 meant? I have named that weird machine as “15 machine”. I wondered for many days and till date remain clueless about it.

So today after many days, today I again stand on it. Oh my God…now how come it is showing 16 now????? !!!!!!!!!!!


Deepesh Chandran


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