Typical comments from others… you usually hear!!

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Humour

Man is social animal and he speaks. We socialize and we speak. We have various occasions and events in our life, where we gather together and we speak. But best part is that of the what man speaks and comments on certain events in our lives. It’s really funny, irritating , weird to hear the typical comments we always hear on certain occasions in our lives.

I summarize the few events in our lives, with the typical comments you hear that follow it –

1) When a new baby is born

When a new baby is born, many people come to see and bless the kid. No here the baby is less than 1 feet in size and face so tiny! Then we have the some uncle saying Wow…she looks same like her Mom. Or some aunty say Nose is same like the father”…or typically Bilkul baap par gaya hai

What nonsense!! The features of baby haven’t even developed in the first day and these people claim the baby looks like so-and-so.

Technically it is not possible to say that the baby looks like whom..within the first month. Trust me, when someone says all the above typical comments..it is most stupid thing you hear..to fool you. Either they are fooling you by saying such things/ or they are fools themselves. Or best and the most noble option is that they say only to make you happy.

2) When your elder sister/brother gets married

This is when you still have time to get married and your sister/brother is getting married. You are busy welcoming guests, taking take of them. arranging the entire shaadi . Then 4 of 10 guests would for sure come up with this comment, boosting as they have passed the most humorous comment..which is “Bhai ki shaadi ho gayi, ab tumhari baari ..he he he..”

It’s really irritating to hear the same comment again and again…and worst part is that you have to laugh and smile, when they pass this irksome comment

I agree that most of them say with a good intent, but it doesn’t help our mood in any way

3) When you meet some uncle or aunty after long time

This is easily the most illogical comment, which each one of us face (i purposely didn’t use the word “hear” ,as it actually a very tough situation which you have to face 😛 )

This happens when some guests come at your house, meet someone in marriages or any social get together etc, when you meet some uncle or aunty whom you don’t remember/don’t know. They might be meeting you after 1 or 2 decades and then they ask ” Peechana kya?” !!

C’mon last time we met each was 25 years ago, when I was a 4 year old kid ..and now you expect me to recognize you!! Oeennggg…!!!

Another super-hit comment you hear from them is “Arre…kitna bada ho gaya hai!!”   

Hainnng!! Don’t I have the right to grow? Why shouldn’t I grow? What is the huge rocket science in growing from small to big? 😛 😛

4) When the event is over

Now these people are typical Indians. I love to laugh at them, at the way and what amount of attitude,  they say this dialog.

Lets consider when any event is over for good or for bad. It would be Team India winning or losing a close cricket match, an Olympian missing out on a medal, two friends secretly running away and getting  married, go to purchase a movie ticket and don’t get the movie ticket or any damn event in life…BUT only the event is over. These people come with full style and say “Mujhe pata tha aisa hi hoga”

These people will never utter a single in the course of that event , but as soon as the event is over..they immediately come up with this dialog. I simply love such idiots. We Indians rock!!


Deepesh Chandran


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