Why we have such small turnout for voting??

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Beautiful Life
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Correct me if I am wrong with this analysis of the voting/election process:

Out of 100%, only 50% of us go to vote. Majorly there are around 4-5 major parties/ candidates whom these 50% of the people eventually vote.For any party/candidate to win, he needs just around 10 to 20%(out of the 50%) easily to win the election. Now within these(10 to 20%) votes that he requires, he acquires much of them by paying the voters good money.

Thus MORAL OF STORY IS ….it’s actually quite simple for any candidate/party to win, if he can buy those votes through money.


It is very simple! The remaining 50% who never turn up to vote..have to vote!!…which sadly never happens…and I don’t see it happening as well.The Feb 2012 local elections here stand testimony to this. Shame on all of us 😦


High society public who find it yukks to stand in queue among common/gavti people for just few mins to cast their vote…

young guns(read cool dudes and cute babes) who feel voting isn’t cool enough and feel nothing for their country…..

Ignorant Indians who feel that my their one single vote, nothing is going to happen…

Busy-bee Indians who feel that they are busy and hence didn’t vote because they couldn’t take out time to vote…

Currently out-of-town Indians who were currently out-of-town/India during the day of voting…

Technically flawed voting Indians, who unable to vote because they didn’t have their voting card/name missing in the voting list..

BTW if u want to drive a bike, you get ur license…jhak maarke!! if u get onsite project thru ur company and have to go to foreign , you get ur passport…jhak maar ke!!Then if u want to vote, then why don’t you get ur voters id..jhak maarke?? why do u become complacent…in this case? :


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