3 elements of a happy professional life

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Beautiful Life
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In this crazy rat race, where all are frustrated with our professional life, many of us forget to be the happy.

Many times they are not able to figure out that really should make happy in their professional life.

Lets have a simple understanding of the 3 basic elements which should give you a contented professional life.





This includes the job profile that you are into. It is about the people with whom interact, including the work culture.

This is not brand of the organization you are into. Good brand doesn’t imply good colleagues, good boss,good work culture .

Profile is all the activities you do in those 45 weekly hours of your work.

Bad profile will always make you hate to go to office, every morning you wake up.

Good profile will make love your work and keep you excited to go to office.


I rate this as the 2nd most important element.

Sadly almost all rate this as  the most important.


Heart is where the home is!

Location is not just that you are living in a good city with all facilities with you.

It is the place where you have your near and dear ones with you. They are physically present with you to share each others emotions.

And most importantly you save lot of money in daily expenses, if you are working in your hometown/ applied hometown.

Blessed are those souls have all 3 elements in their professional life

I personally hardly  know any one, who claims to have all 3 elements in his professional life.

70% of the public have at most any 2 out of the 3 elements.

The day you attain all 3 elements in your professional life, you have attained nirvana.


Deepesh Chandran


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