Posted: August 4, 2012 in My poems

Tell me to think of something serene, ask me a marvel which is real than it seems,

Ask me the epitome of innocence,  probe the inspiration of  dreams.

Baby…..I would say there is something twice as nice,

something  more peaceful and boundless than the skies,

which would be your lovely  eyes


I so much adore your eyes, those sparkling eyes.

It has so much things to speak of ,having a world of its own.

Try figuring more of it, more I am in a world unknown.


It makes me see darkness in the sun, makes me see light in the midnight sky

It makes me strong & weak at the same time, however hard I may try

My heart cries foul for all this pain,

but deep down inside ,I know I have so much to gain


Behind those mesmerizing eyes, is an angel which I can see,

As only an untainted soul and pure heart can be blessed with such  eyes to see.

These eyes are a testimonial of translucent quintessential    heart,

This is reflection of your inner beauty, which would be par to the almighty’s finest art!


You can make the  time stop, by the way you look at me,

making me lost and dazed, forgetting the world behind  and setting me free.

I tried searching for the right star in the entire galaxy with the ultimate glitter,

But could never find a one which could match your eye’s sparkle and shimmer.

Your every look at me has a different story, which I am exploring by every bit,

And I am still left stranded, trying to demystify the enigma  of it.


Hope those eyes never get moist and hold any drop of tear,

Never show signs of defeat or sparkles of fear

Hope they keep sparkling and twinkling as ever,

And make you look beautiful forever



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