My favorite choreographed songs

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Movies

I just thought of shortlisting few of my all time favourite bollywood dance songs, which according to me, created a big impact during my generation.




a.      Ek pal ka jeena (KNPH -2000)


This song transformed Hritik to the ‘Micheal Jackson of India’. Its trade mark dance step became the trade mark of the superstar and he would continue being known for that for his entire lifetime . This song catapulted him to extra ordinary heights. Tell any idiot to imitate Hritik, he would break down to this trade mark step.


What was the magic in this song?

There were no aggressive or fast moving dance steps in this song. All were smooth, groovy, super graceful moves. Lucky Ali’s fresh voice (his first bollywood song) along with contemporary music just added to its aura. People went crazy watching a new good looking yound lad dance like no actor before.

Such was the impact of this song that many amatuers actually got inspired to take dancing, mediocers got inspired to do better and experts found a new bench mark of dance.



b.      Main aisa kyon hoon (Lakshya -2004)



Not many know that this song won the national award for the best choreography and rightfully so. It had jaw dropping choreography from a dance legend,Prabhudeva and making another legend dance on it.


What was the magic in this song?

Hritik Roshan raised the bar to an extra ordinary level and so much so that even he couldn’t reach the level again. He moved each and every bone, twisted each every muscle  of his body and created a never seen before spectacle….all this with inexplicable unprecedented delightful grace.

According to me, this is the most difficult dance performance ever by any actor till date. Only Hritik could have pulled out something like this.

All the die hard dance fans could try and imitate all his dance songs, but none could come close, when it came to this song.




c.       Aa Ante (from Arya-Telugu movie)



This is a very famous telugu song, which continues to be rage in all the Ganpati mandals. It is really amazing how song catches the frenzy of the people and strikes the right fun chord and that too so well with ‘aam janta’.

Best part of this song is that is the high energetic foot tapping song. The dance steps used in this song,is what any non dancer would use. It had in true sense those “gavti” dance steps, which the aam janta love to dance and thoroughly enjoy


What was the magic in this song?

Just listen to this song, to understand the magic in it. Irrespective of the telugu lyrics in it, any one would start tapping, listening to the song. The excellent choreography is a pleasant extension to the song.

Yes had telugu actor Allu Arjun, one of the best dancers down south. Watch his other videos in this same movie to understand his dance caliber. I would anytime rate him 1 point above someone like Shahid Kapoor in dance, as he is that good in dance.




d.      Chaiya Chaiya (Dil Se -1998)



Although this movie bombed badly at the box office, its songs are still listened and loved by people. Wow..what songs in it…!!


What was the magic in this song?


Now what makes this song such a spectacle? For the first time, we had superstar actor dance on the top of train . Secondly it had some mind blowing cinematography. Recollect the song and you will realize how beautiful each and every frame has been shoot by the camera man, Santosh Sivan.  Thirdly it had easily the greatest dance number from the greatest music director,A R Rehman. Gulzar’s lyrics remain brilliant as ever. I remember me going crazy for the song, just on the first time of listening to it. Fourthly it had fresh voice of singer, Sukhwinder Singh and he singing his most memorable song. And ofcourse..Farah Khan take a bow!



e.      Kajrare (Bunty and Bubbly- 2005)



It was song of that year. Its mass appeal made it really special. It had everything, what the masses wanted to dance on.


What was the magic in this song?

This song was meant for every non-dancer to dance rigorously on it. Its raw appeal was it being highly Indian in nature. No western music, no western dance steps..only high ‘desi tadka’.

Bacchan family’s  excellent on-screen chemistry and of course the sexy voice of Alisha Chinai was another high point of this song.

One of choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant’s best till date




f.        Urvashi Urvashi ( Hum se muquabla -1994)



This was a tamil dubbed Hindi movie and was huge success in spite of it having non-superstars.

Try imagining this song, the first frame that pops in front of your mind is this thin, dark, bearded man dance faster than the speed of light, forcing us to disbelieve that someone can actually dance so fast and so well.

This boneless wonder named Prabhudeva immediately became a rage after this movie.


What was the magic in this song?

This song had catchy music by AR Rehman and weird lyrics but it had Prabhudeva written all over it. He was the magic of this song. I still haven’t seen anyone dance so fast, with such extra ordinary flexibility and superb grace.

What the audience witnessed was something unprecedented. All would just watch in awe and utter disbelief.



g.      Pehla Nasha (JJWS -1992)




Easily the most romantic song ever in Bollywood! Jatin-Latin’s best work ever and Udit Narayan’s best sung song till date.


What was the magic in this song?

The choreography of this song was like breath of fresh air. The treatment given to song was very refreshing and it only added to softness of this beautiful song.

Choreography is not just about dance steps. It is about catching rightly each and every beat of the song. The choreography needs to do justice to the song. Aamir  Khan jumping in the air, laying on those tea garden plants and throwing its leaves, rolling down the hill etc etc, is what anybody would like to do, when fallen in love. The video is as lovely as the song. Again Farha Khan..please take bow



h.      Dil bole hadipa (Remix- title track) ( Dil bole hadipaa -2009)



This might seem like abstract entry in this list, compared to other legendary songs mentioned above. This movie was a dudh , and more over it had this baby faced Shahid Kapoor with his aunty Rani Mukerjhi as his actress. Thus somehow with this movie, this remixed promotional title song video also went unnoticed.


What was the magic in this song?

Dance is all about catching the right beat of the music and this remixed video had done it completely. Not even a single beat had been missed and each beat had been given an excellent dance step. Excellent choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant!

Try carefully watching this video next time you watch it, to understand what I am trying to mention.

A born dancer like Shahid and another decent dancer like Rani, only augmented this dance video.



i.        Ek Do teen (Tezaab -1988)



Any dance hit list cannot be complete without this song. This song gave India its dance goddess …Madhuri Dixit. Many actresses became before her and many will come after her, but none can match this diva. Madhuri Dixit is what..Madhuri Dixit is!

There would be no Indian girl who loves dancing and doesn’t idolize Madhuri


What was the magic in this song?

Firstly it had women power all over it. Alka Yagnik sings, Madhuri dances and Saroj Khan choreographs!

Madhuri was the charm of this song. This started the journey of her many hit dance numbers, and she is still continued to be known as the Ek Do Teen girl. Her grace, her expressions, her smile were everything to die for in this song. Her ‘adayen’ remains the USP of not just this song, but of the legend herself!



Deepesh Chandran


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