Flop movies…which should have excelled

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Movies
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Many movies fail to make moolah at the box office, but still end being up loved by many.

One keeps wonderding, why did this movie actually end up being a flop

Though of sharing my fav list of flop movies, which I feel should have excelled


Easily SRK’s best performance till date. The superstar became an actor in this movie.

Not even in a single frame of the movie, he moved out of the character of Mohan Bhargav. He was so immaculate.

Also conceptually I find it one of the biggest movies ever.

The top scenes remains SRK finally drinking water from that railway station from that water boy and one small drop of tear comes in his eyes. Brilliantly conceived scene!

Another winner is the climax with the title track being played, where flashes of memories keep coming to SRK and he finally decided to go back. Soul Stirring Song!

One can so drive an analogy from the movie to his own real life. Every person staying away from his home within India itself, person gone on an onsite job for his company, student doing his studies abroad, NRI’s living  outside…all relate this movie with themselves.

Why this movie could have actually flopped?

Our typical Indian audience couldn’t digest an intelligent movie like this. In fact they couldn’t understand the movie, its wonderful message, its hidden thrills, its intelligent scenes..nothing at all.

They were expecting some typical Raj/Rahul crap from SRK


I rate this movie as Farhan Akhtar’s best work till date. Hritik was brilliant as ever.

The journey of boyhood to manhood was perfectly shown in this movie.

Every youngster faces this dilemma of career and aim in his life, perfectly epitomized  by Hritik’s character.

Easily one of the most motivating movies ever made

The top scenes would be Hritik finally hosting the flag at the mountain top.

Other would be his emotional telephonic conversation with his father.

Other would be he meeting Preity Zinta just before his mission and both unable to speak out their emotion. So killingly  romantic

Why this movie could have actually flopped?

I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t liked this movie. So little difficult to understand, why it flopped. 

Our audience was probably expecting some heart  pumping action, Hritik doing some totally Arnold type stunts etc


Another socially driven movie with enough masala, yet it couldn’t strike the right chord with the audience

The top scenes would the crippled boy telling Anil Kapoor that “Desh bhi mere tarah langda ho gaya hai..” and Anil Kapoor’s reaction after that.

Other would be he giving suspension orders to officials and the brilliant background music being played at that time.

It had unconventional, soft and intelligent climax to it, but somehow our darling masses didn’t like it.

Why this movie could have actually flopped?

Star power was missing! A superstar like SRK could have done the trick. Rani too wasn’t top actress at that time. Again superstar like Aish would have been perfect.

Star power could have got fans into the theaters and all could have understood what a brilliant movie it was.

All realized it when it was watched on Zee Cinemas and Set Maxs.

Music of this movie was below standard.



One of the cutest coolest romantic movies in bollywood.

The songs are still loved and listened by people.

Every person whom i know, has loved this movie.

The funny scenes of Madhavan and friends are too good. The one liners and lingos used are too good. The cute romantic scenes are too good. The best part was the music of the movie, which is still being loved and listened to.

The movie gives you the “feel good factor” whenever you watch.

Why this movie could have actually flopped?

Only God knows!

Everybody has loved this movie and watched it so many times on TV, yet it was a box office disaster.



Yes…the movie was a flop even before it released. The biggest reason being the over aged actors playing rockstars.

Yes…Salman and Ajay looked like idiots and wannabes…posing like rockstars

Yes…the movie was very boring and very slow.

There are many reasons why this movie flopped.

Now then what was good in this movie?

The theme of the movie was brilliant…”where all your dreams come true..not for you..but for your best friend”

The jealousy factor was potrayed nicely. One feels so bad for Ajay Devgun

The acting of Ajay Devgun was top notch.

Biggest USP was the music. Also the lyrics would be one of the best work of Prasoon Joshi. The songs ‘Barsoon Yaroon’ , ‘Khanabadosh’ and ‘Khwab toh’ bag the top honors



This was tamil dubbed Hindi movie, which failed to create an impact.

The theme, social message portrayed, concept was too good.

Why this movie could have actually flopped?

Firstly people didn’t know much about the movie, as marketing wasn’t done much for it. Star power was missing. Even the comedy scenes  were south indian in nature, which didn’t match bollywood humor

I always felt that movie would have been brilliant, if it was remaked in hindi with Hritik Roshan in the lead. He could have played all the split personalities of the cool dude, resilient aggresive aparichit and nerd pujari  with elan. Imagine Hritik with the 3 personalities in the pic inserted, and understand how perfect replacement he would have been. He would have been the perfect choice.

Then audience would have flocked to the theaters because of star power. Moreover as it was a good movie, the movie would have definitely been a hit.


This was a very powerful movie, but somehow our dear audience could not catch its aura.

First time ever a brave effort was made, to make a movie on a salesman.

Best part was that it had a real life treatment.

The biggest highlight was the acting of Ranbir. This movie made me realize that this guy is indeed  the biggest superstar of the future. He was totally in his character and it was a very controlled yet effortless acting by him

The best scene definitely is Ranbir Kapoor talking to his boss on the phone, when he was actually in front of him.

But the path breaking scene was its climax. Never was a movie climax so gentle,intelligent,practical yet powerful in nature. Brilliant treatment given to it! Only a out of box director would have conceived such a scene.

Why this movie could have actually flopped?

Somehow the marketing wasn’t done properly, which is so much mandatory in today’s cinema.

Secondly the audience couldn’t accept such a movie. The didn’t enjoy the treatment given to this movie, as the treatment was quite maverick.


Now believe it or not…this movie ran for less than 2 weeks in the theaters. Commercially it was a big box office disastor.

Crazy as it may sound…technically it was a flop.

How on earth was this movie a flop?

Every person on this earth has loved this movie and seen it more than 5 times in their life. All love this movie like anything. But sadly no one watched this movie in theater when it was released.

Try and recollect that all of us have only watched this movie on dvd,computers, tv channels etc. None of us have watched it in the theater.

(But personally i do feel lucky that I was one of the very few to watch it in the theaters. As a kid, I was taken by my family to watch it 🙂  )

Then what actually went wrong?

Firstly this movie’s humor was ahead of time, when it was released in 1994. The humor perceived that time was different.

Then somehow people didnt even realize when the movie was released and when it went out of the theater. So blame it solely on the marketing of the movie.


Deepesh Chandran


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