2001 to 2011 – The 10 most glorious years of Team India (cricket)

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Cricket
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Coming to cricket …if you notice exact past 10 years have been the most glorious days of Indian cricket!

In 2001 Laxman-Dravid created magic in Kolkata test,

later kaif-yuvi did something imposible in natwest finals which paved the way for team India’s glory path and its first major trigger point.

Since then Team India featured in 2 world cup finals (1 Lost, 1 Won),

won 1 T20 world cup,

became no-1 in tests,

also…won a test match in every part of the world and various other unprecedented glories !!

Sachin went on to referred from best batsmen to simply “God”, Dravid went on to become a modern cricket legend, Kumble went on to be the 3rd highest wicket taker,Laxman continued with his acts of rescuing team India from imossible situations, Sehwag became the most dangerous batsmen in the world, and so on with other players too.

Ganguly taught team India how to win and created a team and Dhoni took this team to dazzling heights!

So all crickets lovers, realise how lucky you are, to be a part of this wonderful 10 years 🙂 🙂 🙂

(And to end on lighter note, since I am a team pakistan  hater and Sachin fan, a small sher for pakistan…

” SHEELA hamari JAWAAN hai

MUNNI hamari BADNAAM hai

aur jitne run humare SACHIN ne banaye utne sq.ft ka tumhara pakistan hai 🙂



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